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My Paper People Series | Happy Menocal

I had such grand plans when I decided to start this blog project (isn't that the case for like 99% of all blogs - most of which are total flops?), in fact, I sat down and came up with enough ideas to do two blog posts a week for the whole rest of this year .. there were grand plans to go on and on about vintage stamps, and vintage wedding postage, and themed stamp collections, etc., etc... I have no shortage of ideas, but I do seem to have a shortage of free time.

... But, I digress ...

Here I am, with another blog post to kick off a new (realistically not so regular... let's just be honest, shall we?) series called "My Paper People", because stamps need beautiful paper to go on, and as such I work with a lot of beautiful-paper-making people.

Happy Menocal Paper Suite with Magnolia Postage Vintage Stamps

Happy Menocal Studio is based in Brooklyn and is a team of creative geniuses who create whimsical, gorgeous, drool-worthy paper suites (along with other fun projects) for all manner of celebration and heraldry. The team is led by Happy Menocal, and I love working with them because they are responsive, have a 6th sense for beautiful design and color combinations, and they genuinely love the work they do.

Happy Menocal 11.PNG

I first came across Happy Menocal a number of years ago when I realized that Paperless Post had a real paper arm to go alongside their paperless one. I did all of my wedding save the dates and invitations through Paperless Post, and the ease of pushing out a custom paper invitation (along with the seemingly endless selection of options) helped me come to the conclusion that all parties, events, announcements, and general correspondence truly require gorgeous paper, with curated vintage stamps, of course. 


Happy Menocal Paperless Post Samples



If you go to paperless post and search for Happy Menocal Studio's designs (or click here)... there are a cool 95 options to select from.

But Happy and her team don't only supply Paperless post with paper/paperless options, they also work with clients to create stunning... and I mean REALLY stunning ... paper suites and custom emblems (and more!) for all sorts of things (weddings, parties, events, announcements, etc.). Talk about the perfect team for a passion project!


When I reached out to the team and they graciously agreed to collaborate, I almost cried when the box of paper (samples pictured in shots below) rolled into my mailbox. Had I died and gone to paper heaven? I think I had... I have... Yep, I'm there. 

I'll wrap this up by saying that Happy and her team are one of my favorite groups of paper people, and I offer up the following as proof that beautiful paper and vintage stamps were meant to be together.

Who wouldn't treasure a wedding invitation and outer envelope with vintage wedding postage like this for years to come?