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Cactus and Copper Styled Shoot

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with wedding professionals who are equally as passionate about creating impossible to forget weddings and events.  From photographers, to stationers, to pastry chefs, to makeup artists, to videographers, to calligraphers, to planners, to dress designers, and on, and on - there are so many people whose passion ensures that a person’s big day is everything they dreamed of and more.

A side benefit of getting to work with these passionate individuals is collaborative projects and styled shoots.  The one featured here today just wrapped, and it is one of my absolute favorites! Cacti, bright colors, gorgeous tablescapes, pretty paper, and Magnolia Postage vintage stamps (of course), all pulled together by an incredibly talented team of passionate wedding professionals (all credited below).

Shoots like these remind me of the fun in pulling together a cohesive set of vintage stamps for wedding invitations.  I often ask clients about their interests, family, fiancé, how they met, where they met, what they love doing together, and where their big event takes place ... are there colors or themes that are being used during their event that I can help to highlight with a nod though vintage postage?  Understanding these fun facts helps me pull stamps that hint at the wonder of their upcoming event... like an inside joke, or quiet hint, a coordinated set of vintage stamps can help to reflect the special day that is to come.

There are so many fun examples of other styled shoots that I can’t wait to share.  Stay tuned for more fun updates.

Huge credit and thanks to the wonderful team listed below (most located in/near Annapolis, Maryland).

Emily Brianne Photography - @emilybriannephotography

Susan Wilson Design@susanwilsondesigns

Envelope Calligraphy
Pluma Palomino (Candice Webster) - @plumapalomino

Vintage Postage
Magnolia Postage - @magnoliapostage

Prism Annapolis (Jennifer Casey) -  @prismannapolis

Sentimental Fools (Jess) - @thesentimentalfools

Cactus Signage
The Printed Palm (Lindsey Houser) - @theprintedpalm

Keleidoscope Florals (Kelley) -  @keleidoscopeflorals

Abidoodle Productions (Abigail Coale) - @abidoodleproductionsvideo

Hair and Makeup
Wild Hearted Beauty (Gretchen) - @wildheartedbeauty

Annapolis Bridal and Tuxedo (Flavia) - @annapolisbridal

Rachel Mulherin -  @rachelmulherin

Chair Rentals
Something Vintage Rentals@smthingvintage

Little Village Bakery (Lina)@littlevillagebakery

Liz & Dennis - @roxyliz93 @dennisthomasjr

Day Owl Rosé@dayowlrose

The Season for Green

It is late spring here in North Carolina and perennial bulbs are bursting to life, grass is growing, leaves are unfurling, and brides are heading down the aisle. What better time to talk about one of the most abundant colors in the vintage stamp anthology: Green.

I use green more than just about any other color when it comes to styling vintage stamps for wedding invitations. The options and themes that can be pulled from the green stamps that have been released are seemingly endless: florals, trees, golf, fishing, nautical, Florida, New York, DC, South Carolina, Nevada, Minnesota, lakes, poets, authors, colonial history, and on and on… you get the picture.

And what could be better than green vintage postage? Well, pink and green vintage stamps of course, but we’ll cover that another day.


Looking to purchase green stamps? Here are some of the ones we stock:
1-5 Cent Green Stamps | 6-20 Cent Green Stamps | 21-30 Cent Green Stamps | 31+ Cent Green Stamps

Selecting the Perfect Stamps for your Mother's Day Audience

When I think back to what started my vintage postage obsession, I default to crediting Pinterest (where all fabulous ideas come from); however, my mother reminded me a few months ago that she has been sending me envelopes covered in [strange] combinations of vintage stamps for years.

So perhaps now is the right time to credit my mom for inspiring my philatelic obsession.

Philately \ phi·lat·e·ly  \ fə-ˈla-tə-lē \ noun \ the collection and study of postage and imprinted stamps : stamp collecting

Philatelic \ˌfi-lə-ˈte-lik\ adjective

Philatelically \ˌfi-lə-ˈte-li-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

As I got my Mother’s Day card ready to send out, I veered towards her vintage stamp style - stamps chosen more for humor than for good looks. I covered the envelope (which was obscenely over-posted) in vintage stamps that ranged from potentially offensive due to changing social norms and vocabulary over the past 50 years, to downright strange and generally unappealing.

Does it tell a story? Yes, but probably not one that most people would appreciate, or understand, but, I know that when she receives it she’ll get a kick of out it, and that’s what’s really important.

The lesson here is: Know your audience.

This is what I truly love about curating vintage stamps - you have the ability to command attention, tell a story, get a second, third and fourth look, and remind people that what they just received in the mail took time, effort, and love to put together. Whether it's vintage stamps for wedding invitations, holiday cards, birth announcements, or just a cute note to say hello, don't we all want that second, third and fourth look?

If my Mother’s Day audience was different, my card might have looked more like one of these, and perhaps would have been accompanied by peonies, my mom’s favorite flower.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Mother's Day - we're so excited to be sharing with you on a fun new platform.

Beautiful calligraphy in the images is by Suzanne Cunningham, and hints of a beautiful paper suite by Ledgewood Fine Stationery.