Holly-Jolly Christmas

Holly-Jolly Christmas


This selection contains enough postage to mail 10 rectangular envelopes that are one ounce or less. Note that square envelopes require more postage. Happy to customize or change if needed.

10 x 6-cent Antique Toys (Scott # 1416 - released in 1970)
10 x 20-cent Santa Claus (Scott # 2064 - released in 1983)
10 x 13-cent Christmas Mailbox (Scott # 1730 - released in 1977)
10 x 10-cent Vintage Christmas Card (Scott # 1580 - released in 1975)

Note that there are a handful of stamps that have been released that do not have the face value printed on the stamp; the Vintage Christmas Card stamp is one example, but it is still worth 10 cents.

Need More?

Email me directly: vashti@magnoliapostage.com.

If my listed inventory will not complete your project, please let me know. I normally have additional inventory on hand (especially for Christmas & Holiday stamps), or can source and ship within a few days.

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