Custom Wedding Postage For Allie's Clients

Hi Allie,

I've built out a few different options for you below to get a temperature check that we are moving in the right direction. Please note that the purpose of this round is to identify stamps that we love or hate, and also to see how we are feeling price-wise. My assumption, based on your description of the envelope is that we will need at least 90 cents, but it could be more, so we'll want to get them weighed to triple check.. the more postage we put on, the more expensive it gets, but there are some tricks that can help keep the price down, like using current USPS forever stamps.

Please don't hesitate to call or email me directly with feedback or questions -- your feedback is extremely helpful in getting things finalized.

Thank you,

Vashti  |  +1 970 309 0294

Additional Options

will get these priced out asap, but let me know if anything here is a must have or strong no...

Also, I leave for a 2.5 week business trip on Friday, so any help in narrowing the scope would be great!

Postage Options

Option 1

Price per envelope: $3.88

Deer: $1.00
Lakes & Pine Trees: $0.32
Fern: $1.36
Bobby Jones (golfer): $0.80
Mount Rushmore: $0.40

option 2


Price per envelope: $4.47

Bobby Jones (golfer): $0.80
Mount Rushmore: $0.40
Deer: $1.00
Lakes & Pine Trees: $0.32
Grand Coulee Dam: $0.20
Pumpkinseed Sunfish: $1.75

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6