Custom Wedding Postage For Betsy

Hi Betsy,

I've built out a few different options for you below to get a temperature check that we are moving in the right direction with the general selection of stamps. If any of these hits the mark, great! If not, feedback on which stamps or sets you like/dislike would be very helpful as we move forward with finding the perfect match.

Because your sets have more postage than most, with your standard invitations costing $1.42 to mail, we may end up over-posting (putting more than $1.42 on each envelope) more than we normally would to actually save money on the postage... it's sometimes cheaper to use fewer stamps, even if we end up a bit over $1.42, rather than using more stamps to hit $1.42 exactly. Happy to explain that as that might not have made sense.

Once we settle on the right "look" we can work on the international ones, which, could prove to be interesting at over $4 :)

Please don't hesitate to call or email me directly with feedback or questions.

Thank you,

Vashti  |  +1 970 309 0294

Response Envelope Options

Updated Postage Option

Original Postage Options

Feel free to click in and zoom on the images below. Note also that the blue butterfly stamp is worth $0.71 and will be our best bet at keeping cost down while increasing the postage in a big way, if you hate it we can 100% find a different solution. I think it might look really good with the blue and white ginger jars that are in your invite though - but totally up to you :).