Custom Wedding Postage For Becky’s Client

Hi Becky,

Finally got my Photoshop application to quit crashing my computer - thank you so much for your patience!

I've built out a few different options that are wildly over-posted, but that highlight the themes you sent over. I thought these might be fun to help identify any stamps that your clients love. The blue butterfly stamps will help to get the most postage on the envelope while still being at price (read: will keep price down). There is also talk about the current administration doing a very large postage hike in the next few months, so I’ll keep my ear the ground to make sure that we stay current.

Hopefully the options below to start to determine the right direction for next steps. If any of these hits the mark, great! If not, feedback on which stamps or sets you like/dislike would be very helpful as we move forward with finding the perfect match.

Please don't hesitate to call or email me directly with feedback or questions.

Thank you,

Vashti  |  +1 970 309 0294

Postage Options