10 x Gone Fishing

10 x Gone Fishing


“Gone Fishing” contains vintage stamps that celebrate the sport of fishing and being outdoors with deep green and blue hues. These stamps will have the recipient longing for lakes, woods, rivers, and a fly fishing rod.

This selection contains the following:

10 x 3¢ Minnesota (Scott #1106, issued 1958)
10 x 3¢ Nevada 1769-1969 (Scott #999, issued 1951)
10 x 22¢ Fish (5 Variations) (Scott #2205-2209, issued 1986)
10 x 29¢ Fishing Flies (5 Variations) (Scott #2545-2549, issued 1991)
10 x 15¢ Mt. McKinley (Scott #1454, issued 1972)

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This curated set of unused vintage US postage can be used to mail 10 x 1-2 oz. envelopes (each set is a total of 70¢). These are ideal for wedding invitations, themed events, or just a special greeting that will catch the recipient’s eye.

All stamps are photographed on envelopes that are 8.25" wide x 6'" tall. Calligraphy by Suzanne Cunningham.

These are authentic, never before used postage stamps (all stamps are either gummed or self-adhesive). 

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